Rampant is firmly grounded in the need to strengthen and expand the self-reliance of social movements and worker organizing. We are unapologetically anti-racist, feminist, and revolutionary socialist.

Our goals are multiple and overlapping. We aim to make the structures of ruling class power visible and to highlight how they shape everyone’s lived realities. But our goal isn’t simply to understand the world, we aim to change it? Rampant will be a platform for current debates about movement organizing and political strategy. Finally, we want to open up space for dreaming, for imagining a socialist future built from the raw materials of our everyday lives.

Rampant is based in Chicago, a city that has been both a laboratory and ideological factory for capital as well as a red metropolis of class struggle in the United States. From the Haymarket martyrs, to the mass Communist Party stopping evictions in the 1930s, to the Black Lives Matter movement and the 2012 teachers’ strike that catalyzed a new wave of worker militancy, Chicago is the beating heart of revolutionary politics in this country and we are proud to call it home.

We are an editorial collective of Chicago-based socialist activists and writers: brian bean, Dana Blanchard, Rachel Cohen, Anton Ford, Eric Kerl, Sean Larson, and Tyler Zimmer.